This week Herefordshire, like many other parts of the country, had record-breaking temperatures.

But 15 years ago this month there were weather extremes of another sort – torrential rainfall.

Thousands of people were affected when two months' rain fell in just one day.

It was the wettest May to June period ever recorded, and many people will have their own memories of how floods caused havoc across the county.


The village of Hampton Bishop, near Hereford, was virtually cut off by rising floodwater.

Helicopters and emergency services crews worked all weekend to evacuate villagers from their homes.

The Bunch of Carrots pub was forced to close its bar area for just over three weeks, and the carvery and kitchen equipment was damaged by the floods.

In Eardisley, thefloods temporarily shut Karasel Equine Supplies when more than six inches of water flooded the shop in less than 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, residents living on the bottom edge of Linton Caravan Park, near Bromyard, became surrounded by the floods, with fire service rescue missions needed to evacuate stranded residents.

Schools were also affected too, with Bosbury Primary School one of Herefordshire's worst affected. Floodwater ripped through the building and every room was left underwater.