PEOPLE of a Herefordshire town are disappointed and concerned over the closure of its last bank.

After Lloyds bank announced it will be closing its bank in Broad Street, in Bromyard, on October 24 there has been growing comments over what this means this for the market town.

James Edgar, of Bromyard, said he opened a bank account with Lloyds after Natwest closed its branch in the town and left Leominster as the closest 12.3 miles away.

But after this closed Ludlow was next, forcing him to change banks.

Now he will have to use Ludlow for Lloyds too.


“I feel sorry for businesses in town who generate cash in transactions who used to pop down the road to pay in cash and now can’t,” he said.

“Not everyone wants online banking, not everyone has a computer.

“Many people have been let down badly by the bank closing, as they are used to the old ways.”

Mr Edgar said he wonders what will become of the building and whether it will become another charity shop or hairdressers.

Town councillor Liam Holman said Bromyard is being left behind as the rest of the world moves on.

Although people can continue their banking at the Post Office and online, he is sad to see Nationwide, HSBC, NatWest and now Lloyds branches disappear.


“It is not only sad in terms of seeing these staples of my childhood fade before my very eyes and it's as if the world is moving out of Bromyard,” said Mr Holman.

He believes amnesties in Herefordshire are being centralised around Hereford just as vital transport services in remote areas are decreasing.

“Not everyone is able to do their banking online, not every Lloyds service is available through the Post Office, and now, getting to one's nearest branch, if not waiting for them to come to you, is becoming more of a chore,” he said.

“Places like Bromyard are being left behind and I get the feeling that we're being treated as an afterthought, and all these conundrums around housing and profitable services means that ordinary people lose and Bromyard is left behind even further."

Caroline Thomas, 53 who lives near the town, said having lived in Bromyard all her life and held a bank account with Lloyds since she was born, she was saddened to hear of its closure. 

"Not everyone does online banking and some businesses still have to deposit takings," she said.

"Also, sometimes you need to talk to person face to face at the branch.

"For some it may mean the only face to face contact they have and someone to talk to, I know this from someone who works for another bank and they are closing too. 

"So now I have to travel to Leominster, so more journeys in the car when we are being told to use our cars less.

"I remembered when we had three banks, building society and post office.

"All we need now is the post office to close."