THREE men have asked people from a Herefordshire village to share their concerns as they plan to temporarily transform a woodland.

After meeting five years ago, Ross Powell, Tom Howell, and Mart Winds set up the music festival Into The Woods under their events company Discotek.

Last summer it made a return for the first-time after Covid.

The trio wanted to fill a gap in the Herefordshire music scene by bringing house music to the county, initially starting with an event at The Venue, in Hereford.

On Friday, July 29, to Sunday, July 31, it will make a comeback once again between Dormington and Bartestree, just a few miles from Hereford.


But they have told people living in the neighbouring village of Dormington that their worries are welcome.

In a letter to the village, Mr Howell shared their contact information and explained their commitment to answering any concerns and they will adjust their plans throughout to accommodate them.

Both Mr Howell and Mr Powell grew up in Hereford, and the three of them feel privileged to be organising a local event for Herefordshire and beyond, for all ages over 18, Mr Howell said.

"Running this event sustainable is our absolute passion and joy, and the warming feedback from our previous attendee only adds to this sense of fulfilment," he said.

The three men want to help resolved any issues local people may have.


"Our desired outcome for any complaint during the event is to settle the matter immediately through an adjustment of overall sound levels, and to confirm with residents once this action has been completed," they said.

A full noise management plan in conjunction with Herefordshire Council has been produced.

It includes sound checks and regular monitoring at the perimeter of the site to ensure levels are reasonable.

There will be sound engineers present and ready to adjust the levels when required, said Mr Howell.

The music genres are primarily disco and house music, with an array of DJs in the line-up, including Herefordshire-born famous DJ 220 Kid.


Music will be played until 3am on Friday and Saturday, then midnight on Sunday, all within the woodland.

Speakers will be aimed inwards and downwards from the stage, towards the ground, to minimise the distance sound travels as much as possible, said Mr Howell.

Residents of Hagley, Dormington, Prior's Frome, Weston Beggard, Shucknall, Perton, Stoke Edith may send evidence of their home address to, and once confirmed will be sent a discounted ticket link as thank you for the support.