A HEREFORDSHIRE beauty salon owner has relocated her business to bigger premises in the county.

Sammi Grundy, 29, from Leominster, has run the Beauty Hut in Hereford for six years.

The salon started life in Commercial Road in Hereford in 2016, before moving to Widemarsh Street in 2019.

She has relocated and opened her new salon in South Street in Leominster this month.


Miss Grundy said that she first had the idea for a beauty salon in 2014 when the family moved to Lucton near Leominster.

"I've always wanted to work for myself, I remember back at college I was the only one who kept saying that I wanted my own business."

"We had a little summer house in the back garden and immediately I thought it would be a perfect place to put all my furniture and equipment in and turn it into a little salon.

"This is why I ended up calling my business the Beauty Hut, because that is basically what it was when I started."

The Covid pandemic caused plenty of issues for the beauty industry, but Miss Grundy made sure she used her time wisely.

She spent the first year of Covid doing teacher training, so she could pass her expertise on to others.

She now offers a lash extension training course and this is a side of the business she hopes to expand.

"This is something I hope to develop now I've got a bigger place to work from." she said.

Miss Grundy is excited by what is to come as she takes on her Leominster project.

She said: "It's great to be moving to a brand new salon in my home town.

"I've thought about doing this for such a long time, and then all of a sudden, this became available and it all happened really quickly.

"It's so exciting and I cant wait to get going."