IN reply to Sour Games (Hereford Times, June 23), Michael Gullis is not a constituent of mine, and of course I fully understand the natural human desire to have the occasional pop at an MP.

But his letter is quite mistaken about me.

Far from being anti-Brexit, I have consistently supported it as an MP.

I was appointed as Financial Secretary by Theresa May, and was reappointed and made a Privy Councillor by Boris Johnson when he became PM, and reappointed again by Boris after the 2019 election.


As Financial Secretary, in addition to the normal responsibilities of the role, I ran the furlough scheme and other Covid support programmes, and set up the new UK Infrastructure Bank, among much else.

Far from being the subject of criticism, these programmes have been widely applauded.

Having done this, I was happy to step down last year to help Boris manage the reshuffle.

As for my personal competence, my constituents are perfectly able to judge that for themselves.

Before, during and after my time in government, I was and have remained very closely engaged on my work as a constituency MP.


MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire

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