A GROUP of Herefordshire gamers are looking to use their hobby and passion to bring communities together.

Herefordshire Boardgamers is a group of like minded individuals, who are dedicated to bringing the social experience of board games to as many people as possible.

It is an inclusive group that welcomes gamers of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels to join in the fun.

The aim of the group is to use the social aspect of gaming to bring people together and to be a positive influence.

It has grown significantly since it was founded in 2016 by Adam and Elaine Best, and has raised more than £17,000 for good causes in that time.


Adam Best said: "We tend to meet twice a month for events to celebrate gaming of all kinds.

"Our numbers grow with every meeting and we are always welcoming new faces. It's a great way of socialising and doesn't have to be competitive."

While most of the country shut down during the Covid pandemic, the group went online and increased their output.

Mr Best said: "The pandemic was a big change for us. It was actually a huge catalyst to allow us to grow.

"Everyone was at home, looking for human interaction, so, we went online, offering quizzes, video and board game nights regularly, to try and spread a bit of fun during what was a difficult time for everyone.

"It's also expanded our group beyond the confines of the county. We now have members in Sweden and in Estonia thanks to our online presence."

The pandemic also signalled the start of the groups' games lending library. The collection currently stands at more than 400 board games and caters for all ages and tastes.

Mr Best said: "The lending library is a unique idea as far as I am aware.

"During the pandemic we thought we have all these games, why don't we deliver them out to the community and spread a little joy? It has just snowballed from there really."

Hereford Times: Gamers playing at the group's latest event raising money for Hereford Pride. Picture courtesy of Herefordshire boardgamersGamers playing at the group's latest event raising money for Hereford Pride. Picture courtesy of Herefordshire boardgamers

The group held a special LBGTQ+ event last week to raise money for Hereford Pride, that had to be postponed until later on this year.

Over the past six years it has run hundreds of free events and raised thousands of pounds for various good causes in Herefordshire.

Mr Best said: "We are hoping to grow and expand the reach of the group.

"We are also always on the lookout for new volunteers to help us to expand our gaming community.

"Our aim is to make a difference and to be more than just a game night."