LAST Wednesday at 8am ‘road closed’ signs were put up at both ends of Mansell Gamage.

It is a small village of 17 homes, and nothing else.

Nobody had received any warning of this closure.

At 2pm along came workmen and equipment to dig up the road to fix a water leak which has been there for about 18 months.

They dug the hole about six feet deep. Instead of putting the earth in line with the hole they put it all to the side, effectively blocking the whole road.

Barriers erected, off they went!


Nobody appeared on Thursday or Friday.

I phoned the water company, the council, and the company doing the work as it appeared on their van.

Finally, on Saturday about midday lorries and workers arrived to fill in the hole.

With a bit of encouragement from some of us locals they made it so that a vehicle could pass just, at the side. Barriers around the repaired bit.

Sunday lunchtime, more lorries and men, and they put a surface on the repair.

However, the ‘road closed’ signs were left in place.

On Monday, the ‘road closed’ signs were still in place, sending traffic down a very narrow lane where any chance of traffic passing was almost impossible.

Finally, at around 10.30am the signs disappeared.

Apart from the time and inconvenience to those of us who live in the village, imagine the cost!


Mansell Gamage

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