YET again I am dumbfounded by the latest plan from John Harrington relating to the penalising of the long-suffering Hereford motorists with more traffic and parking regulations (Hereford Times, June 8).

As if we have not enough to contend with already, as every Herefordian who has to use our inadequate roads well knows.

He now wants to raise revenue by pursuing ordinary motorists, many of who because of age or infirmity cannot ride a bicycle or afford to park at or near the city centre or have access to public transport.

It beggars belief to try to understand many of the outpourings over the last two years or so from this inadequate and out-of-touch council.


Water taxis, floral bus shelters, an orchard outside the railway station – what a joke!

And to cap it all the cancellation of a nearly approved bypass to come up with an eastern alternative with traffic from Rotherwas joining the A438 Ledbury road at the Lugg Flats to go where?

Back into the city on an already-congested Ledbury Road or towards Ledbury?

What an absolute fiasco!

I would have thought it more important to concentrate on the very basic needs of cleaning our weed-infested and filthy streets and pavements instead of pie-in-the-sky dreams.

The A49 north to south has always required a bypass, as every right-minded Hereford road user knows.

That is the problem; always has been and will remain so.



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