HEREFORDSHIRE villagers are taking the problem of speeding drivers into their own hands.

Speeding has been highlighted as a problem in the village of Shobdon, near Leominster, with residents raising concerns at parish council meetings.

Minutes from Shobdon Parish Council minutes show West Mercia Police has been asked to carry out more speed enforcement.

And a picture shared by the local safer neighbourhood team on Twitter on Tuesday showed officers had been doing so.

But the village, with a 30mph speed limit, is also setting up its own speed watch group.


Volunteers for the group, which is part of a force-wide initiative from West Mercia Police, get training and use detection devices to monitor vehicle speeds.

Speeders are then reported to the police with the aim of helping to educate drivers to slow down.

If a driver is ignoring repeated warnings, the police can prosecute them.

The aims are to reduce death and injury, improve the quality of life for communities, reduce the speed of vehicles to the limit and increase public awareness of "inappropriate" speed.

Meetings of the group have already been held, including getting advice from the group in nearby Eardisland.


At the meeting in October, council minutes show issues were raised with the police.

Speeding was "thoroughly" talked about with PCSO Felix Rawlinson, especially about lorries and tractors and trailers.

"He assured us that speed checks would be conducted in Shobdon in the near future," minutes said.

"He is also willing to visit farmers if he receives reports of speeding/overloading. Several traffic calming measures were also discussed."