THE cost-of-living crisis has left families in Herefordshire choosing between heating and eating, but an app involving local shops is offering subsidised food every day.

The Too Good To Go connects customers to restaurants and shops that have surplus food that they need to sell off.

This app immediately captured my interest, and I saw that there were several Hereford shops involved that I am already a customer of such as Legges, Morrisons, Greggs and Thurabread Bakery.

The shops offer so-called Magic Bags that include a range of items, but what you get is a surprise.

The app says: “We can’t predict what will be in your Magic Bag as it depends on what the store has in surplus.

“If you’re concerned about allergens or ingredients, please tell the store.”

Hereford Times: Magic bag from the Dino MarketMagic bag from the Dino Market


Each shop gives a time when you can collect the bag, but you must reserve it via the app before they run out of stock.

I went to Pumpkin café at Hereford railway station and Dino Market in Belmont Road to find out what they had in their Magic Bags.

For £3.99 I had two croissants, mozzarella, and tomato ciabatta, a Ginsters peppered steak slice, and Ginsters Cornish pastie – all of which would have cost £16.55 at full price.

Hereford Times: Croissants from Pumpkin café Croissants from Pumpkin café

If you shared that between two people you could have both a lunch and breakfast for £2.

Dino Market was handed a one-star rating by food hygiene inspectors in October 2021, while Pumpkin Cafe has a five-star rating.

The Polish shop was told that major improvement was necessary while Pumpkin was said to be “very good”.


Included in its magic bag was an array of items from Polish brands and others including pumpkins seeds, a loaf of sliced bread, an orange juice, microwave popcorn, Orbit chewing gum, fish in tomato sauce, espresso coffee, mini banana and chocolate cakes, chocolate covered biscuits, and blueberry cake bars.

All items were prepacked but most were between a couple of days and two months past their bestbefore date, some didn’t have a use-by date shown.

Hereford Times: Magic bag from Pumpkin café Magic bag from Pumpkin café

Some of it such as the coffee, chewing gum, and pumpkin seeds I would buy for myself anyway, but other items I would not.

It was all originally priced at £2.99 and below, so for a family it would save a lot of money and time.

The shops are rated out of five by people using the app. Dino Market scored 3.3, while Pumpkin Café was rated 4.5.

I would use the app again but I’d choose places where I know I like the food – a great deal doesn’t mean much if you don’t enjoy what you are eating!

Hereford Times: Loaf of bread was included in the magic bag from Dino MarketLoaf of bread was included in the magic bag from Dino Market

How to download the Too Good To Go app

  • Customers can download the Too Good To Go app at
  • Businesses who want to take part should visit business
  • Verdict: This is a fabulous way to save money on your food bill, though it does take a little planning to make the most of it. It helps too if you are not a fussy eater because there is no guarantee about what you might get in your bag... but then that’s part of the fun!