A van has been seized by police in Herefordshire following an anonymous tip-off.

The vehicle was found to have no insurance, tax or MOT so was taken away by officers today (Thursday, May 19).

West Mercia Police has advice on its website for anyone who has had their vehicle seized or impounded.

“If your vehicle has been recovered and is being kept at one of our recovery operator depots you'll receive a notice letter if you're registered as the current keeper on the DVLA's records,” the force says.

Hereford Times: Police were acting following an anonymous tip-offPolice were acting following an anonymous tip-off

“This letter will contain detailed instructions on what documents to produce and where your vehicle is being kept.”

It says that if the vehicle is being driven away it must have a valid MOT certificate if it is more than three years old, and you must be covered by an insurance policy.