I AM trying to find out why Hereford has a major trunk road disrupting local travel on a daily basis?

The A49 then reaches Hereford, the only major destination on the road without a bypass.

The road passes right through the city centre, causing serious congestion on both the north and south sides of the river Wye.

Hereford has two river crossings – the old bridge (a 15th century bridge) and the new bridge (opened in 1967).


Obviously this situation is ridiculous!

More waffling is taking place since the one-year appointment of David Ubaka, who becomes delivery director for transport strategy.

The amount of money already wasted on discussions, referendums and consultations, and so forth is mind-boggling.

As the A49 is under the direct management of National Highways.

It is their problem to sort this debacle out as our local council will never reach consensus.



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