IT WAS only at the end of last year we were being told about the proposal that our bin collections were to be altered by reducing the amount of collections and a further breakdown of recyclable materials to supposedly reduce the county’s carbon footprint and save money.

Our councillors were not given the option by the council officers to retain our existing system.

The new proposals were presented under the guise of helping the environment and reducing costs, but also reduce our services with no reduction in council tax.


Now we are having more of our services taken away by being charged to take our rubbish to the tip again, supposedly to save £345,000 a year but again with no reduction in our council tax.

So, in both cases we pay the same but have fewer services while our elected officials are not given the option to leave things as they are.

In other words, the officers are now controlling the council.

So why do we need councillors as they have no power to take the officers in hand and put them in their place?

Net result: reduced services, still higher council tax every year, rubbish building up in the streets and more fly tipping.

We should be doing the opposite. If we wish to increase recycling, the means to recycle should be increased.

Even with improved recycling rates there is still general

waste (anything that cannot be recycled) to be managed safely and effectively.

Therefore the pie-in-the-sky statement by our council officers that “the council hopes to stop sending any waste to landfill at all by 2035, as commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030” is unachievable.



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