Spending of £3,000 on free “Nordic walking” classes, which will be offered to the Herefordshire public during the coming summer, has been approved.

The money comes from a £145,000 Government grant to promote walking and cycling across the county, and will pay for 12 five-week courses, “via a local independent provider”, Herefordshire Council’s decision said.

“Learning Nordic walking has proved extremely popular and an effective way to increase levels of walking and showcase the network of traffic-free paths,” it explained.

“This work represents very good value for money has been very successful in the past,” it added.

Details of the times and places of the courses have yet to be announced.


Originating in Finland, initially as off-season workout for skiers, Nordic walking is done with specially designed walking poles.

It has been found to benefit older adults in particular, providing a low-stress workout to the upper body and boosting overall fitness.