I WOULD like to say how much I agree with the letter by Christopher Morris published on April 21, where he comments on the necessity of driving in a rural community such as Herefordshire.

I grew up in Herefordshire and had no bus route at all from where I lived.

My ambition was to live on a bus route, which I achieved by moving to Birmingham.


I now live part of the time in Herefordshire again and find that bus services are even worse than when I grew up.

Recently we had a vehicle breakdown and were forced to attempt to use a bus to visit a relative in a rural village about six miles from Hereford.

The bus that was due did not turn up after 25 minutes so we decided to catch another service, which meant changing onto a second bus.

The journey from leaving our house on foot for the Hereford bus station to arriving at the relative’s home took exactly two hours.

In that time we could have driven to visit our relative from Birmingham.


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