I AGREE with Sir Bill Wiggin (Speak about the roads, Hereford Times, April 28) when he says that Herefordshire Council (and the Government for that matter) must “deliver excellent infrastructure for residents”.

I would extend this to include tourists. Public transport is the excellent infrastructure we need.

The future is public transport and the case was presented by Professor John Whitelegg at the Civic Society meeting in Ledbury on April 29.

The Campaign for Rural England report 2021 outlines how “a bus in every village every hour” will transform rural life for residents and tourists alike, at a fraction of the cost of HS2.

Andy Link (Talking Point, April 28) remarks how fuel costs prevent people from travelling.

Just imagine if we could go on the bus for an evening meal, and perhaps have a drink, and then get the bus home.


We could travel at will for work and leisure.

Buses are not just designed for young people.

If we all received a free electric car tomorrow how would it reduce traffic congestion and pollution from production?

Give me a bus every hour and re-instate the railways and I wouldn’t miss the traffic jams and all that driving.

In order to bring about a brighter and better future, we must first imagine it.

Plans already exist: just look at the CPRE and Shropshire sustainable transport reports online.

There is no reason why disabled people, for example, golfers and some of us shouldn’t travel by car when we need to.

But most of us, most of the time, could get out and about all over the county and beyond on buses and trains if they existed and were linked together in a coordinated plan.



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