THE Herefordshire Walking Festival takes place June 18 to 26, my club Excalibur Long Distance Walking Club will will be organizing three walks of 20+ miles.

Every year we check out the routes for any defects, so far we have only checked out one 20-mile cross country route, but as per previous years, we found broken bridges, unsafe stiles, rights of way blocked electric fences across paths and padlocked gates.

Every year we photograph these defects and report them, but very little is done apart from the voluntary work of various rambler groups.


Walkers attend this festival from all over the UK will they go away with the impression that Herefordshire rights of way are a mess and unsafe.

I appeal to Herefordshire Council, land owners, farmers, footpaths officers to make sure the public rights of way in your area of responsibility are safe and not blocked.

Please note, it is a criminal offence to block a public right of way.

We have two more 20-mile routes to check and I know we will find similar defects.


Dinedor Cross

  • What is your experience of public rights of way in Herefordshire? Have your views heard HERE