Boris Johnson has been warned his times as Prime Minister is up as he faced further calls to resign.

Influential Tory backbencher Steve Baker led calls for the PM to vacate No.10 for his role in the Downing Street party scandal.

The senior MP for Wycombe said Mr Johnson should be "long gone" when addressing MPs in the House of Commons amid a vote over whether the Prime Minister should face an investigation over claims her lied about partygate.

He said: "I'm sorry, that for not obeying the letter and the spirit.... the Prime Minister now should be long gone. I'll certainly vote for this motion but he should just know that the gig's up".

An amendment was tabled to defer the vote on the Commons inquiry until the Metropolitan Police’s own probe into lockdown-busting parties in Downing Street and Whitehall has concluded, and the Sue Gray report has been published.

It was understood before the vote took place that all Tory MPs were being whipped to support the amendment.

However, this has all been withdrawn now, with Conservative MPs getting a free vote in the situation now that the ammendment has been dropped.

A senior Government source said Mr Johnson was “happy to face” a parliamentary inquiry after all.

The source said: “The Prime Minister has always been clear that he’s happy to face whatever inquiries Parliament sees fit and is happy for the House to decide how it wishes to proceed today and therefore will not be whipping Conservative MPs.

“They are free to vote according to how they believe we should move forward on this.

“We tabled an amendment last night because we wanted to be explicit about ensuring Sue Gray is able to complete and publish her report without any further delay, as well as allow the Metropolitan Police to conclude their investigations.

“We now recognise that – in practice – this is almost certainly likely to be the case and therefore we are happy for the Labour motion to go through, if that is the will of the House.”