HEREFORD manager Josh Gowling responded to criticism of fans of his team after they suffered a 1-0 defeat at Gloucester City.

Luke Haines was met by some frustrated fans in the away end after the full-time whistle sparking Gowling to join in conversation with the fans.


“Luke (Haines) has come over to the fans at the end of the game to clap and a couple are shouting at him,” said Gowling.

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“I’m not going to have that. If somebody has got to say something say it to my face. Say it to me not my players.

“He was having a go at Luke and I didn’t like it. I just wanted to have a chat with him. If people want to vent, I don’t mind being that sounding board to vent.

“I wanted to listen to what he had to say. I will always front them up and if fans have got an issue air it to me not to the players. I will take that. It’s my team and they are my boys so if they have a problem speak to me.

“The players will always give 100 per cent with everything they do. A fan was saying that’s the worst he’s seen in 12 years. Well he must have seen some good football here then.

“We weren’t great today but it wasn’t the worst they’ve seen in 12 years. The lads are trying to push and trying to get a place the club has never been since it reformed.

“The fan was saying we don’t understand. I’m the manager of this football club and he doesn’t understand how it affects us a group.

“We plan and work tirelessly, this is our life, it means so much to us to push on and get this club where it wants to be.

“Yes we are light, we know that but we’ve got to keep pushing, stay together and push as a group.

An away following of 798 Hereford fans travelled to Gloucester for the game.

“They were excellent,” added Gowling.

“They sung, they chanted and when we want a goal down they sang anyway. The turnout today and Friday as epic and we really do appreciate their support.

“I understand when they come and see a performance like that they get frustrated which is why I wanted to speak to them.”