MY HUSBAND and I are in our late 80s and, having mobility problems, are very dependent on taxis.

It has become increasingly difficult to make appointments, especially when the duration of the visit is not known, such as with dentists or doctors.

At school contract times this is particularly difficult and recently, having completed an appointment at 3pm, I was unable to book a return journey before 5.30pm.



This lack of transport has seriously curtailed many activities, with medical appointments frequently having to be rearranged.

In the present climate this is not always easy and causes further delays for treatment.

A good taxi service is essential for many people who are no longer able to drive.

I gather Herefordshire Council is being particularly obstructive about issuing licences so I hope they will realise that the shortage of taxis is causing major problems for those dependent on using them.

A good taxi service is crucial to our being able to lead active and independent lives.



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