Iceland and The Food Warehouse have all you need to prepare for BBQ season with their new range of TGI Fridays products. 

The five exclusive products can only be found in stores and on the Iceland website and are available now.

The new products include dishes like Burnt Ends with Honey BBQ, Beef Short Ribs with Maple BBQ, and Cheese & Jalapeno Hot Dogs.

There is also the TGI Pulled Pork that you can pair with the TGI Skin On Fries to create the ultimate barbecue goals.

Hereford Times: See TGI Friday's new Iceland range. (Iceland)See TGI Friday's new Iceland range. (Iceland)

And if that doesn't already sound amazing then this might, with the TGI Chocolatey Marshmallow S’mores Dessert, a Chocolate flavoured filling is set on a caramelised biscuit crumb and topped with a caramelised marshmallow meringue.

The range starts at just £2, meaning you can get restaurant-quality flavours without breaking the bank. 

If you want to get your hands on the new exclusive TGI Friday's products then you can buy them now via the Iceland website. 

TGI Fridays BBQ range at Iceland

  • TGI Slow Cooked Pulled Pork (£5)
  • TGI Beef Short Ribs with Maple BBQ Rub and Sticky BBQ Sauce (£8.50)
  • TGI Cheese & Jalapeño Hot Dogs (£3.75)
  • TGI Burnt Ends with Blackened Rub and Smokey Honey BBQ Sauce (£7.50)
  • TGI Skin On Fries (£2)