COUNCILLOR Ange Tyler in talking of the proposed changes to taxi licensing in Herefordshire is recorded as saying “the ultimate aim is to keep everyone safe when going from A to B”.

Does this suggest that taxi users are currently unsafe and, if so, would she like to share with us the statistics on which this claim is based?

Or could the whole exercise just be a ruse by the Green dominated coalition running Herefordshire Council to introduce electric taxis at all costs.


If these plans go ahead it will simply become uneconomic for many of the county’s current drivers to provide the present level of service as replacement vehicles will be unaffordable.

Has the council fully factored in the impact of their plans based upon fanciful green policies on the lives of the residents?

The impact of these proposals if implemented will be very serious for those without their own transport who rely on taxis to undertake essential tasks in their everyday lives. Time for major rethink I suggest.



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