GLOBAL warming, a pandemic, fertiliser prices, environmental schemes and now war!

When will our government please wake up to food production?

All of these factors above are going to put pressure on the production of food and its availability on the world market.

All we seem concerned with is tree planting and re-wilding.


The world is going to need food a lot faster than we are going to need trees in this country.

Continental land masses will get hotter in summer and colder in winter, meaning less food production.

We have a maritime climate protected from the cold in winter and heat in summer.

We can grow food! It is morally bankrupt of us not to grow food when we can.

One third of the world is hungry. Who can dare to say that we should not grow and produce as much food as possible?

Keep hedges and field margins and plant trees in corners of fields but don’t allow trees to be grown on land perfectly capable of producing crops and livestock.

It used to be possible to import cheap food from all over the world.

China is scouring the world for resources, including food. There will never be an abundance of food again and we need to wake up in a hurry to reorganise our food and farming policy before it is too late and supermarket shelves become thin, or worse – empty.

Sadly, many world leaders are not the slightest bit concerned with global warming and the carbon footprint so we must become more self-sufficient in food and as many other goods as possible to be less dependent on others whose agendas are more sinister.

We need a minister of food entirely dedicated to delivering a home-grown, sustainable, secure and properly thought-out food supply chain as independent of imports as possible.

As for a shortage of sugar beet, open another beet factory at Kidderminster and the problem would soon be solved.

We are currently staring into an abyss not seen since the Cuban missile crisis in the early 1960s.

We must re-think our food and farming policy immediately and gear up to production as wheat has now reached £280/tonne and is rising.

The environment can be accommodated, but food production must come first.

Hereford Market Director

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