FREE lateral flow Covid tests can still be picked up from various places in Herefordshire, with the Government announcing it will ditch kits in April.

Boris Johnson delivered his vision for living with coronavirus this week, including an end to mandatory self-isolation and universal free tests for the general public in England.

The Government’s Living with Covid plan sets out the legal obligation to self-isolate following a positive coronavirus test will be axed as of February 24.

The official public health advice will remain that both adults and children testing positive for the virus should stay at home for five days, but this will not be enforced by law.


The Government will also no longer ask vaccinated contacts, and those under 18, to test for seven days, and will remove the legal requirement for contacts who are not vaccinated to self-isolate.

Free universal symptomatic and asymptomatic testing will also end for the general public in England from April 1.

The remaining symptomatic testing will be focused on the most vulnerable, with the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) set to determine the details.

Where to get lateral flow tests in Herefordshire

In Herefordshire, lateral flow tests, designed for people without coronavirus symptoms, can be picked up from points across Herefordshire over the next 10 days.

The teams will be in place until stock has run out, with the council currently seeing "high demand".

Where the Herefordshire Council teams will be:

Wednesday, February 23

  • Market Fair, High Town, Hereford, from 10.30am

Thursday, February 24

  • Carrot and Wine Stores, Wormelow, from 8.30am
  • Old Market Shopping Centre car park, Hereford, from 10.30am

Friday, February 25

  • Market Fair, High Town, Hereford, from 10.30am
  • Co-op, Kington, from midday

Saturday, February 26

  • Oakchurch Farm Shop, Staunton-on-Wye, from 10.30am

Monday, February 28

  • Old Market Shopping Centre car park, Hereford, from 10.30am
  • Maltings car park, Ross-on-Wye, from 10.30am

Tuesday, March 1

  • Co-op, Bromyard, from 10.30am
  • Co-op, Bobblestock, Hereford, from 10.30am

Wednesday, March 2 

  • Market Fair, High Town, Hereford, from 10.30am

Thursday, March 3 

  • Morrisons, Ross-on-Wye, from 11.30am
  • Halo leisure centre, Hereford, from 9am

Friday, March 4 

  • Kington Market, from 9.30am
  • Market Fair, High Town, Hereford, from 10.30am

Saturday, March 5

  • Tesco, Ledbury, from 9.30am

Tests can also be ordered online here, or picked up at pharmacies in Herefordshire. 

If you are picking up a kit from a pharmacy, you now need to get a collection code here.

The Government has been pressed in the Lords to reveal how much lateral flow Covid tests might cost when they are no longer free through the NHS as of April 1.

It came as ministers were warned that people may face a choice between “eating or heating or paying for a Covid test”.


But the Government gave assurances that the price of lateral flow tests in the future would be “monitored” and regulated.

The debate came as the Lords were updated on plans to scrap free Covid testing and self-isolation in England, after the Prime Minister set out the plan to end all remaining restrictions on Monday.

Labour front bench peer Baroness Smith of Basildon said: “Most people want to do the right thing, but will struggle with on one hand guidance about the need to self-isolate if possible, but on the other pressures either financial or through an employer forcing them to work.

“What about those working with the most vulnerable people? In the statement Mr Johnson merely offered the Government was working with retailers to supply tests.

“So can they shed further light on this? Including whether reports of £3 per each individual test is accurate and whether the price will be fixed?”

Liberal Democrat leader Lord Newby criticised the Prime Minister’s “lack of self awareness” in easing Covid rules after allegedly breaking them by attending parties at Downing Street.

He added: “If faced with eating or heating or paying for a Covid test, it is pretty obvious what is going to be the lowest priority.

“So we have real concerns about getting rid of free testing, especially for those who are either vulnerable or have family who are vulnerable.”

For the Government, Lords Leader Baroness Evans of Bowes Park said: “We are going to be working with retailers to establish and develop a private market for lateral flow tests. Private markets have operated in the US and many European countries for some time now.

“Retailers will be setting the price but we will be ensuring that the private testing market is properly regulated, including monitoring prices charged, and we will of course continue to work with UK companies in developing lateral flow tests.”

Lady Evans added: “Free symptomatic testing will remain available to those at highest risk of Covid and social care staff will be getting details following March 31. We will also set out further details of which higher risk groups and settings will be eligible to continue free testing in due course.”