HEREFORD'S greatest footballing achievement will be remembered on the city's new Monopoly game.

Monopoly bosses announced yesterday that the city would be getting its very own official version of the world's most famous game, and they are keen to celebrate Herefordshire's greatest moments.

Exactly 50 years ago on Saturday non-league Hereford United produced one of football's most memorable and greatest ever giant killings.

On February 5, 1972, they beat Newcastle United – today hailed as the world's richest club – in the FA Cup third-round replay at Edgar Street.

Their famous 2-1 win has become football folklore.

Excited home fans were filmed and beamed across the nation hanging out of trees watching the game.

Some even brought deckchairs from home and sat on the touchline.

Half a century later, the match has been the talk of the town this week in Hereford, along with news that the city is 'Passing GO'.

Monopoly makers Winning Moves UK have today revealed that a card will appear in the Hereford edition that declares Hereford FC are in an FA Cup final at Wembley.

The new unique game will see the multi-coloured property squares all themed around Hereford and the cards customised too.

Ella Gibbs, custom games executive at Winning Moves UK, makers of this unique edition, has been in Hereford all week.

"We launch boards all over the world from The Hamptons in New York State to Dubai and beyond - but the reception here has surpassed just about anything we've ever seen.

"I've loved every minute here this week in Hereford. The talk has been about that football game fifty years ago – and since yesterday our game. Which is fantastic and thank you, everyone, for all your support."

"The club is a huge part of the heart of Hereford. And that game is perhaps the most talked-about match ever. Certainly, in Hereford."