HEREFORD has beaten competition from 24 other places in the West Midlands to get its own official Monopoly board.

The new version of the classic property-buying game will have the multi-coloured property squares all themed around Hereford. Chance and community chest cards will be customised too.

Ella Gibbs, of the makers of the new game, Winning Moves UK, said: “Hereford is blessed with great landmarks which will get to replace the famous Monopoly streets like Mayfair and Park Lane.”

Hereford Cathedral, tipped to feature prominently in the game, could be yours to own for just a few hundred in Monopoly money, while getting stuck in a queue on the medieval Wye Bridge could see players sent back three spaces.

The property sets will be themed: from heritage to shopping, culture to leisure and more. The quartet of train station squares will have a general travel theme because Hereford lacks a main line station.

Bosses at Winning Moves UK said a variety of factors were used in picking Hereford for the new version of the game, including pride, landmarks, beauty, and a sense of family.

More than 30 local landmarks will be showcased.

The game will be in the shops in October, but before it goes into production people are being invited to suggest Hereford landmarks and cards to feature in the game.

Email, via the official Hereford Monopoly Facebook page or by post to: Hereford Monopoly, Winning Moves UK, 7 Praed Street, London W2 1NJ.

Polling closes at 11.59pm on February 22.