Logitech has released a new computer light, Litra Glow, which boasts perfect lighting for streaming.

It adds a premium lighting experience to any desktop or laptop and features Logitech’s TrueSoft technology and innovative edgeless diffuser, creating a soft, flattering light for a professional look no matter your setting.

For those working from home and on regular meetings, or if you’re shooting a YouTube video or content for social media, the light is a perfect allrounder.

Litra Glow's soft, glare-free light is also gentle on the eyes and certified safe for all-day streaming, having been designed with streamers in mind as many are often on camera for hours a day.

The Litra Glow also includes a monitor mount with adjustable height, tilt and rotation, allowing users to find their ideal light placement on a desktop monitor.

Jasmine Apolinar, Product Manager for Logitech For Creators said: “Litra Glow with TrueSoft technology is the fastest way to bring a premium lighting experience to any desktop.

“We designed Litra Glow to solve common challenges faced by streamers and content creators, including light quality, harsh shadows and eye fatigue from long hours of streaming.”

The Litra Glow light is available to pre-order now, with an estimated dispatch date of Wednesday, January 26.

You can find out more and pre-order your Litra Glow here.