A CLUBBER has been up before the magistrates after a fight in a Hereford nightspot.

Charlie Dickinson admitted one count of being drunk and disorderly when he appeared before magistrates in Hereford.

A police officer had been on foot patrol in Hereford's Blueschool Street when they noticed a disturbance outside Play nightclub, prosecutor Ralph Robyns Landricombe said.

Dickinson was being restrained on the floor by the club's door staff, who said he had been involved in a fight with another man in the club.

The officer said his eyes were glazed and that he smelled of alcohol, and he was put in handcuffs after continuing to resist and shout when he was told to stay on the floor.

Dickinson was arrested for his behaviour after he continued trying to pull away and shouting in the street.

Speaking on his own behalf, the 31-year-old said he would like to tell the officer he was awfully sorry for his behaviour.

"I do not want to go too in depth, but the incident in Play was nothing to do with me," he said.

"I took a blow to the head from the door staff at Play and I told police this, but they were not interested and told me I should make a complaint to Play.

"I am not somebody who goes out drinking. I was probably aggressive to the officer, but it was because of what was done to me by the door staff, who had kicked my feet out from beneath me."

Dickinson, of Green Lane, Kingstone, was handed a three-month conditional discharge and must pay costs of £135 and a £22 victim surcharge.