POLICE have trolled a dozy driver who was pulled over on a motorway with more than 170 stolen bottles of booze crammed inside.

West Mercia Police joked that "somebody's New Year's Eve has just been ruined" after seizing the haul after an attempted theft in Ross-on-Wye.

Police stopped the VW Passat when they spotted bottles of booze piled up in the boot as it drove on the M5 at junction 4 for Bromsgrove.


The force tweeted a picture showing 174 bottles of stolen alcohol, including Moet champagne, vodka, gin, port and brandy.

Many of the top brand bottles still had anti-theft tags attached.

It tweeted: "How much stolen alcohol can you fit into the back of a VW Passat? This much!"


Saying the driver had been arrested and enquiries were ongoing, it added: "Somebody's New Year's Eve has just been ruined."

Twitter users piled on the misery, with one saying: “Wow, I bet whoever had been expecting all that needs a stiff drink about now….”

Jack Rowe tweeted: “You booze you lose! Least the cops will have a good night!”