UNCERTAINTY about the Omicron variant of Covid-19 has hit some Herefordshire hospitality venues hard, forcing them to cancel or scale back their plans for New Year's Eve celebrations.

Others, though, are forging head, buoyed to some extent by a government assurance that there would be no new restrictions in England before the new year.

As part of our continuing efforts to support local businesses through the pandemic the Hereford Times is offering them a free noticeboard to post news of their New Year's Eve celebrations.

All pubs, hotels, restaurants and nightspots have to do get a free shout-out is press the blue button at the very end of this report and upload their updates directly to the Hereford Times website. We will also be monitoring their public social media posts for news and sharing them here.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said people should "remain cautious" when taking part in New Year's celebrations, and take a lateral flow test before attending events.

His guidance is in contrast to last year when the Government encouraged people to stay at home to see in the new year. Far fewer people were vaccinated then.

Meanwhile, Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford has closed nightclubs and announced a return to the rule of six inside pubs and restaurants, which will be a significant blow to the Welsh hospitality industry.

Venues whose plans have been disrupted:


Venues forging ahead with their plans: