A funeral procession for a Hereford power firm worker was led by a convoy of his employer's vans.

Tom Marcham, aged 36, described as the "best daddy ever", had worked for Western Power Distribution in the city for 20 years.

He died suddenly on Tuesday, November 23.

Descibed as the "best daddy ever", he left two children – Harry, seven, and Esme, four.

Mr Marcham's family are now fundraising to give the two youngsters the best Christmas possible, including presents they will give them from their dad.

A fleet of company vans led the procession from his home in Tanhouse Lane, Malvern, to Worcester Crematorium yesterday (Monday).

People stopped in their tracks as the procession passed, and his sister Laura Cale said the turnout at the funeral was "simply amazing".

Mrs Cale, of Malvern, said: "Tom, in Harry’s words, was the best daddy ever and he would do anything for those children. They came before everything.

"Tom was suffering from PTSD and depression, yet he went above and beyond for everyone else and painted on the most beautiful infectious smile.

"I wish he knew just much we all love, care and cherish him and how much he is already so sorely missed.

"Tom was such a hard-working man and a linesman for Western Power since he started an apprenticeship with them 20 years ago.

"They have all been affected by the sudden loss of Tom, and they couldn’t have done more for him and us as a family.

"They turned up en masse and joined us in the convoy taking Tom on his last journey. The leading truck involved was Tom's truck itself."

Mrs Cale, age 28, said they wanted to give his children the best Christmas possible, but they were struggling with the funeral costs.

"As you can imagine, the unexpected funeral costs has hit the family massively so close to Christmas along with the sudden loss of our beautiful Nana on Saturday, December 18.

"Any money we raise will go to buying the children Christmas presents that myself and their grandmother will be buying for them and will be explained to them that they are from their daddy in heaven.

"And any money raised after Christmas will go towards birthday presents next year."