PEOPLE in Herefordshire have been given tips on what can and can't be recycled as we all try and work out what to do with all the wrapping and cardboard.

Herefordshire Council has issued advice to residents about what can and can't be recycled, as well as how to get rid of Christmas trees.

Bin collections will take place as normal next week, so here's a guide to what can go in which bin.

Here's what you need to know.

Christmas trees

To dispose of a real tree, book a slot online and take it to one of the household recycling centres in the county where it will be composted with garden waste.

The council said it could be easier to wrap the tree in an old bed sheet to stop the needles falling in the car

Keep hold of the sheet as you drop the tree into the garden waste container as that cannot be recycled there.

You can also recycle your real tree through the St Michael's Hospice Tree Collection Service.

Polystyrene packaging

The polystyrene type found protecting new electrical items or the small polystyrene chips often found in boxes sent through the post, should not be placed in your recycling as it cannot be recycled at recycling centre EnviroSort.

Please put polystyrene in your normal black bin or rubbish sack.

Giving a tip, the council said it can be reused as it makes great drainage material for your patio pots.

Wrapping paper and cardboard boxes

In the UK, we bin around 300,000 tonnes of Christmas packaging each year, the council said.

Only certain types of wrapping paper can be recycled, the higher quality sort which is bright white on the non-printed side.

Make sure you remove ribbons and bows from paper before recycling, but don't worry about removing the sticky tape

Metallic paper that cannot easily be ripped cannot be recycled as this often contains plastic

Summing up, the council said if the paper tears easily, it can recycle it.

Disposing of your cardboard boxes

Please break them up and put inside your green recycling bin or clear sacks, the council said.

For very large boxes either take them to a household recycling centre or break them down to the same size as your recycling bin, flatten and leave next to your recycling bin on collection day

Christmas cards

Create Christmas decorations ready for next year is one tip given by the council, saying people can cut out the picture on the front and turn it into a gift card for next year.

Or, they can just be recycled. Put them in your green recycling bin or sacks.