An early years school building has been given the go-ahead in the middle of a Herefordshire village.

The single-storey building will be to the south of the primary school in Eardisley, south of Kington, within the village’s conservation area.

It will consist of a single main room with adjoining kitchenette and two toilets.

The walls will be finished in weatherboard, while a porch at the front will be of oak, and the roof of slate.

The roofing material was changed from corrugated metal on council advice. But the council’s buildings conservation officer said they would have preferred walls of brick rather than wood.

There will be no changes to the existing access to the site by foot or car, nor will there be any changes to the existing parking at the school.


A condition of the permission is that the school shall install bat roosting, bird nesting, hedgehog home and pollinating insect ‘hotels’ as biodiversity enhancements.

Both the parish council and the ward councillor supported the proposal, and no objections were received locally.