The Prime Minister has made an announcement on school nativities and Christmas parties.

He was speaking after announcing that England would be moving to Plan B restrictions.

At the Downing Street press conference Boris Johnson was asked about school nativities and performances, and the advice on those. 

In reply he said that the government did not want nativity plays to be cancelled, and also gave advice about Christmas parties.

Mr Johnson said: "In my view they should not be [cancelled]. They should follow the guidance of course. We don't want nativity plays to be cancelled.

"We think it's OK to keep going with Christmas parties but everyone should exercise due caution. Ventilation, wash your hands. Get a test before you go is a sensible thing to do."

He also said: "The best way to ensure we can all have a Christmas as best as possible is to get on with Plan B, irritating as it may be, it is not a lockdown. And to get your boosters and jabs. 

"As for when we will review the measures, no later than early January and possibly before if we start to get some of that really granular information."

Earlier Mr Johnson had said that it was "now the proportionate and responsible thing to move to Plan B in England."

What will the Plan B measures involve?

  • Everyone is now asked to work from home as of Monday, 'if they are able'.
  • From this Friday the legal requirement to wear a face mask will be extended to most venues, including theatres and cinemas. The Prime Minster said there would be exceptions, including when eating and drinking, and singing.
  • The Covid vaccine pass will be mandatory to nightclubs and indoor seated venues of more than 5,000 people and any venues with more than 10,000 people. A negative lateral flow test will also be sufficient. This will come into force in a week's time.
  • Mr Johnson said that daily testing for contacts of people with the virus will be brought in, instead of isolation, in order to "keep people safe while minimising disruption to daily life."