A DRUNKEN man who smashed a shop and car window has been ordered to pay thousands in compensation.

Tyler Chibnall entered admitted two counts of criminal damage and one of resisting police when he appeared before magistrates in Hereford.

A seven-foot square pane of glass window at Leominster's British Heart Foundation shop had been smashed by Chibnall on October 22, prosecutor Elizabeth Blacklock told the court.

The glass, which showed evidence of a large impact in the middle of the pane, needs replacing in its entirety, staff said in a statement.

Damage was also caused that night to a car parked in Corn Square, the court heard, with the car's owner leaving their vehicle parked up and returning at around 9pm to find its windscreen had been smashed.

Chibnall, who was identified as the person responsible, began tensing up and saying he had done nothing wrong when approached by police, they said,

Officers grabbed hold of his arms, and a struggle followed, with Chibnall placing his foot in a door frame to prevent police from entering.

He was pepper-sprayed and walked outside by officers, where he started shouting and swearing and was further arrested for resisting arrest.

In interview, Chibnall said he had never got that drunk before and that he was not going to deny anything.

George Cousins, for Chibnall, said the 36-year-old was keen to pay the full amount for the damage he had caused to the shop window.

"He accepts it is a charity and that he has to pay for what he has done," Mr Cousins said.

"Clearly he was intoxicated. He tells me he does not usually drink and had drunk a lot that day.

"He is not used to it and clearly it had a bad effect on him. He was generally angry at the time, and his removals business has collapsed during Covid as no-one was moving during the pandemic.

"He appears to have been throwing himself around and hit the window and car windscreen."

Chibnall, of Llewellin Road, Kington, was ordered to pay compensation of £2,500 to the British Heart Foundation and £100 to the car owner. He was also fined £50 and must pay costs of £50 and a £34 victim surcharge.