A HEREFORD pub has seen new management recently, after hitting the headlines when the previous owner banned 'chavvy' clothes, but people of Hereford can remember many landlords of the pub's past.

Gary Hammond posted a photo, in our Facebook group We Grew Up in Hereford, of an old pub sign, which once hung at the Orange Tree, King Street, on a wall inside the pup.

This spurred people to share their memories of old landlords.

Gerry McMahon thought of John McGowan, who he says ran the pub in the mid-seventies.

"I used to pop into the Orange Tree for a crafty underage pint or two before going to Edgar Street on a Saturday," he said.

"If Jacko the landlord had doubt about your age, he used to open your mouth and check your teeth like a vet checks a horse's."

Hereford Times: The Orange Tree's original sign Picture: Gary Hammond The Orange Tree's original sign Picture: Gary Hammond

Hillary Galloway remembered when she says Jan and Alan ran the pub and asked if they were still around.

Andy Wooldridge remembered Paul and Bernice, who he says ran the pub in the early Eighties.

Lyn Knight said she worked for Bernice and Paul between 1976 and 1979 but was known then as Lyn Jones.

Carol Robertshaw had forgotten about the Orange Tree but reminisced on the many meet-ups she had there.

Paul Gimlik thought of ex-RAF officer Ron Fell and his wife Yvonne, who he says ran the Orange Tree in the Sixties as well as the Cottage of Content at Carey, near Hoarwithy.

"Ron was a great character.

"I remember him giving myself and Les Dallow free prints on our 18th birthday, even thought we had been drinking in the Cottage of Content the previous year."

Chrissie Judd knew the Orange Tree to be a great pub when Tony and Shooie ran it and asked if anyone remembered the day it caught fire.

He claims it was caused by workmen repairing the flat roof which has caused a hidden beam to overheat and smoulder before catching light.

The historic pub is now co-owned by Harriet Lewis.