A HEREFORDSHIRE school says it is seeing 'rapid growth' in the number of pupils testing positive for coronavirus.

All students at Bromyard's Queen Elizabeth High School are being asked to wear masks in all rooms at the school as of today amid a rise in cases, while the school will also be conducting a round of lateral flow testing today (November 24) and on Monday (November 29) to identify any asymptomatic cases in years 9 and 10.

In a letter sent to parents, executive headteacher Martin Farmer said: "We are seeing rapid growth in the number of pupils testing positive for Covid 19 initially via lateral flow tests and then confirmed by PCR tests.

"Mr Seneque and the team at QE have determined which pupils in would be deemed as “close contacts”, if this applies to your son or daughter, you will receive a telephone call to that effect advising you of the actions you should take and stressing that they should conduct a PCR test as a close contact without delay.

"Given the rates we are now going to need to move to some stronger mitigations to break transmission whilst maintaining as normal an education provision as we can, some of which apply to the whole school and some of which apply only to Year 9 and Year 11 at this time."

Mr Farmer said the measures would be remaining in place until at least the Christmas holidays in order to avoid holiday plans being affected.

The school will make a decision as to whether the measures need to remain in place in January closer to the time.