A HEREFORD man made his TV debut on popular quiz programme The Chase after his family inspired him to apply.

Rosh Gungabissoon, 49, of Holmer, was seen on ITV’s The Chase last Friday (November 19), making it to the final round against chaser Shaun Wallace who caught him with just two seconds to go.

The show sees contestants answer a series of questions to win the top prize and try to prevent a team of professional quizzers from ruining their progress.

As he stepped in front of the camera he was not fazed, and only answered one question stupidly, he said.

Mr Gungabissoon first applied to the programme two years ago, but when he was given the opportunity to audition, he was unable to due to another commitment.

But he got a second chance to audition and made it onto The Chase over a year later.

The Gungabissoon family are avid fans of The Chase and in particular presenter Bradley Walsh.

“We just think he’s so funny,” he said.

This is what led him to apply in the first place, but his son Monty was one of two reasons he went on the programme in the end.

“I wanted to make it to the final round and ask Bradley to mention Monty’s name,” he said.

Monty cried when he heard his idol say his name on one of his favourite programmes.

Hereford Times: Rosh Gungabissoon watching himself on the Chase at work Rosh Gungabissoon watching himself on the Chase at work

Mr Gungabissoon hopes he will get the opportunity to star on Beat the Chasers which is a spin-off of The Chase, in which contestants from all over the UK face head-to-head challenges with not one, but all the chasers.

“It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I absolutely loved it,” he said.