A £175,000 festive funding boost means Christmas is coming early for local causes in Herefordshire.

More than one million Co-op members have selected a cause as a part of the supermarkets local community fund and 35 have been chosen in Hereford to receive £175, 256 between them.

This takes the total amount awarded across the local area since the fund began in 2016 to £926,682.

The money will be shared between the local causes, all of whom are making a difference to communities throughout the county:


Hereford Lads Club Juniors (£2420.89), Hereford Couriers Running Club (£4,619.71), Herefordshire Riding for the Disabled (£2,705.38) are sports charities in Hereford that were chosen to be a part of the fund.

Citizen Housing (£2,555.14) and Hereford Homeless Support (£6,324.71) are two local causes supporting rough sleepers in the county.

The Living Room Hereford is a charity run cafe that hold events throughout the year, and they are receiving £4,676.12.

Two local causes receiving funds that were started in memory of Herefordshire people are Kieran Joyce Memorial Fund (£3,062.29) and The ELY Memorial Fund (£4,899.57).

Health services chosen for the fund are Herefordshire Heartstart (£5,027.85), Herefordshire Growing Point (£2,338.04) and Yeleni Therapy and Support (£4,464.02).

South Wye Community Money Advice Centre (£2,186.09), Free Radio Cash for Kids (£4,854.28), Cultivating Learning and Nature (£5,641.56) and The Cracked Slipper Company (£4,100.13) are other local causes based in Hereford receiving money from the fund.


Leominster Food Bank (£5,791.20) and The Leominster Community Centre (£5,004.85).


Bromyard Hospital & Residential Home League of Friends (£8,073.26), Bromyard Community Transport (£8,523.01) and Bromyard Food Bank (£9,355.88).


Kington Town FC Youth Teams (£6,908.27) and Kington Bowling Club, Herefordshire (£5,998.23).


Newent Association for the Disabled (£5,200.71) and Chill Out Community Cafe (£4,570.41).


Hay Summer Show (£5,890.99) and Whitney Crocodiles Play Group (£5,277.35).