AN ARTICLE in Hereford Times on November 4 says: ‘We won’t stop taking up your causes’.

Can we start looking into why there is so much neglect on some estates?

1. In this area gutters are full of weeds, and even a tree growing in one, near a water main.

2. Why are the drains not cleaned anymore, some have weeds and tree saplings growing in them.

3. Why aren’t the leaves collected up like they used to be, when it was the city council, and Amey. They were then made into compost.

4. Trees we need, but they also need pruning which used to be done by Amey and city council.

5. Balfour Beatty seem to employ other companies to do tree cuttings so that must cost?

6. The councillor for roads etc, needs to take a look at some of the pavements outside of the town.

Marlbrook Road pavement is the footpath to Hereford Academy, and it is so narrow in places due to hedges and potholes.

So many cars parked on the road, that youngsters riding to school quite often ride on the pavement, which is not good for pedestrians.

7. As for public footpaths between one road and another, what a mess, like the one from Bardolph Close and Beaufort Avenue, some people never go outside their property so don’t see the mess, I clear weeds along my section, so does my neighbours across from me.

It's time some money was spend on housing estates.

D M Treherne

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