WE have had a referendum on the bypass, and it was called the Herefordshire Council election in 2019.

If we were so stupid as to spend millions of pounds on a bypass, it would scar the landscape, spend 10 years disrupting the city, destroy houses, increase traffic and pollution and disregard the electorate in 2019.


We would still have, maybe even more, traffic congestion in Hereford.

Every city and most towns in the UK are experiencing severe congestion.

It's a huge problem globally, and more bypasses won't fix the problem.

People will drive more.

Our problem of congestion, too many vehicles, and huge, so-called out of town shopping malls were designed in the 1960/70s.

Today is a very different world.

What is needed is the many millions to be spent on cycle and walking lanes, lots of small quick electric subsidised buses, electric taxies, and electric bikes.

And for big supermarkets and similar retail outlets to close down and set up many smaller dispersed locations where people live enabling them to walk to the shops.

Freer Spreckley


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