THIS November marks 76 years since the end of World War 2.

Across Herefordshire and beyond on Sunday 14, crowds will gather at war memorials to remember those who gave their lives to protect ours.

But it was not just overseas that war was waged, with the constant threat of bombing raids here in Britain.

Herefordshire was luckier than some areas, due to its rural nature, but it still would not escape the horror of bombs falling from the sky.

In total, 35 bombing raids are recorded as having been carried out on Herefordshire, according to data collated by War, State, and Society from the Ministry of Home Security's Daily Intelligence Reports.

Of those, most were without serious incident, with no injuries or deaths recorded.

But one raid is forever etched on the memories of Herefordians, after Hereford's Royal Ordinance Factory in Rotherwas was targeted by a German bomber.

Early in the morning of July 27 1942, a lone German bomber dropped its bomb load of several 250lb bombs after circling the site.

The first bomb landed on Holme Lacy Road. According to the Ministry of Home Security data, 15 people were initially reported to have been killed in the attack.

But the number of deaths was later reported to have been at least 22 people, with 24 injured. The second bomb hit a transit shed and exploded, while the third was deflected into Moorlands Villas where five family members were killed.

It was the home of the Munitions Police Superintendent Ernest Hursey and his wife, Vera. Ken Hursey, their teenage son was the only survivor.

Here are all the locations where bombing raids were recorded in Herefordshire during World War 2