A FILM-MAKER has chosen a Herefordshire cafe as the location for one of its scenes.

Herefordshire's OK Diner, near Leominster, is the "perfect diner" for the background of scene in the new short film Wearing the Trousers, according to its multi award-winning director.

Wearing the Trousers is a short film that will be directed by Bristol-based screenwriter, director and producer Rhys Freeman, and it is being produced by his company, Toad Abode Productions.

He said: "The film will be shot in Herefordshire based on the production team finding the perfect diner location that was seen to ultimately help execute and bring to the forefront the vision and the style of the story itself, and the film on the whole.

Filming will take place at the end of the month over one night.

"Clear visual aesthetics, coupled with a strong story, is something I look for.

"We look to immerse the viewer on an intimate level, creating something that is easy to watch but also very relatable on a human level," said Mr Freeman.

The film stars actors Amber Doig-Thorne and Joe Carter, both with heavy presences and influences on social media platforms Instagram and Tik Tok.

The film explores a conversation between Maddie (Amber Doig-Thorne) and Ryan (Joe Carter) which tackles who would wear the trousers in a hypothetical world where they would be dating.

Maddie and Ryan have been close friends for going on eight years, yet there has always been the feeling of 'what if?' deep inside.

While Maddie is seeing someone and Ryan is the laid-back, unaware hopeless romantic, it appears there may well be more than meets the eye after eight years.

Wearing the Trousers is set for release on Valentine's Day 2022 on various streaming services but this cannot be disclosed yet, said production staff.