IT IS with some sadness, but not surprise, that one of our local MPs could not see that his vote for the Government's attempt to change the rules governing the standard of conduct of MPs, was one arrogance and complacency believing that they could get away with retrospective changing of the rules.

That this Prime Minister felt it was necessary to impose a three-line whip on the Tory party MPs in order to save his friend the embarrassment of being suspended from the House of Commons was bordering on the condoning of corruption.

Furthermore, he sends out a front bench spokesperson in the form of the Business Secretary to defend the vote in the Commons to various media outlets, and within one hour does a complete U-turn.


The Business Secretary should also immediately issue an apology to Kathryn Stone for his comment suggesting that she should look at her position - I suggest he should look at his position.

It would seem that our MP for Hereford North swallowed all of the line coming out of No.10 without any critical thought being given to how this might look to the public, at least the other Hereford MP had the sense to stay away from the Lobby on Wednesday afternoon!

Perhaps Mr Wiggin might like to enlighten his constituents as to his thought process?

Tony Jarvis

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