TOUCHING footage shows the moment a devoted swan was reunited with his mate after crash-landing in a Herefordshire housing estate.

On Saturday evening, Herefordshire Wildlife Rescue were called to the rescue of a swan at the Newton Farm estate in Hereford.

Sasha Norris, of HWR, said they had received a call saying that the swan had crash landed on the estate and appeared to be in distress.

She said the swan had blood on his head when he was found, which was likely caused by his landing.

HWR took care of the swan for 2 days while carrying out assessments.

After being satisfied the swan was in good health, Dr Norris took him to Belmont Pool, Hereford, in a crate, as she had heard one of the adult swans that occupy the pool had not been seen for a few days.

She said: "It was an all or nothing situation, as swans can be very territorial and aggressive towards each other.

"However, even before we took him out of his crate he started to call to his female partner, so I knew he was in the right place."

Dr Norris said she believed the male had taken flight in the first place after being spooked.

She said there had been swan rescue groups at the pool after local people reported that the adult swans were attacking their young.

"It's the time of year where swans start kicking out their young ones ahead of the next mating season. They do this to avoid any interbreeding," Dr Norris said.

"A swan rescue team came in canoes to rescue the young swans and I think the male was spooked and took flight."

The swans are now back together at Belmont Pool.