A GROUP of volunteers in Hereford have been rewarded for their work in their local community.

Hereford In Bloom volunteers worked throughout the 18 months of the pandemic to ensure the city’s floral displays were at their very best.

Their efforts have been duly recognised by the Britain in Bloom judges, who have awarded them a gold medal.

A 30 page portfolio highlighting what the judges would have seen on their usual tour of the city was sent to them.

They declared the information in the portfolio excellent and gave Hereford 89 out of 100 points in the three categories: horticulture, environment and community

Kevin Knipe. Bloom chairman, said: “The Gold award was well earned by our hard working volunteers who devote many hours each week keeping the floral displays in good order to welcome visitors to Hereford.

“The judges also praised Herefordshire Council for the 40 new large planters with trees which have added significantly to the environment of the city centre.”

Britain in Bloom is a year-round competition that allows groups to compete on a regional or national level by using gardening to transform their communities.

Community groups of all sizes can take part in this nationwide competition, from small villages to large cities. Groups choose to do activities that benefit their local area.