HEREFORDSHIRE people are working to become more environmentally friendly while a national supermarket launches zero waste shops.

Morrisons has announced plans to launch six "zero waste" stores which aim to recycle all packaging and unsold food by 2025.

The supermarket will also introduce recycling points for customers for products not typically collected on bin days, including wrappers, empty crisp packets and face masks.

Bosses said if the trials in six stores in Edinburgh are successful, they will roll the format out to all 498 supermarkets across the UK over the next year, including the Hereford branch.

Additionally, Herefordshire Council declared a climate emergency on March 8 2019, following the lead of councils across the UK.

This means the council declares its recognition of the climate emergency and calls on the executive to commit to a reduction of the council's carbon emissions, with the aspirations to be carbon neutral by 2030; and to change its energy supply to 100% renewable source.

That same year low waste shop 'Earthing' was founded.

Earthing Zero Waste Shop

Hereford Times: Earthing - low waste shop in Commercial Street, HerefordEarthing - low waste shop in Commercial Street, Hereford

Based on commercial street, Hereford, Earthing Zero Waste Shop is a small independent business.

Their aim is to create awareness about a sustainable lifestyle and minimise plastic pollution by making plastic-free products accessible to everyone.

They offer refill foods such as dry foods, food liquids, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, body lotion, and cleaning products.

Hereford Times: Inside Earthing low waste shopInside Earthing low waste shop

As stated on their website: "We have carefully selected all our products to reflect our values and we try our best to support small independent suppliers who share our values and are based in the UK."

Inside is also a small cafe where they offer homemade cakes, hot food, and hot drinks.

Hereford Times: Earthing has its own café offering low waste homemade cakes Earthing has its own café offering low waste homemade cakes

They also offer gifts cards.

Another shop working to help the county become more environmentally friendly is Hereford Eco Products.

Hereford Eco Products

Hereford Eco Products was established in 2017 to provide quality sustainable products. It is an independent family run small business, who are, as stated on their website, "passionate about reducing negative environmental impact."

Hereford Times: Hereford Eco products at No.14 Antique and Vintage shop on Broad Street, Leominster Hereford Eco products at No.14 Antique and Vintage shop on Broad Street, Leominster

The business has two units, a section at No.14 Antique and Vintage shop on Broad Street, Leominster and a mini shop at The Life and Soul Kitchen, a charity cafe at Three Elms Industrial Estate in Hereford, where they donate 10% from our sales.

Their products include items under categories of household cleaning, home and living, body care, baby and child, and reusable menstrual products.

As stated on their website: "Our business came into creation after several years of promoting reusable products as volunteers and running the local nappy library.

"We were frustrated that there wasn't anywhere in our area to source a wide range of reusable and sustainable products, so we thought we'd put our knowledge and experience to use and thus, Hereford Eco Products was born, the first shop of it's kind in Hereford."

Many products are sourced locally and all are tested by the owners and friends, and suitable for vegans.

Hereford Times: Hereford Eco Products low waste itemsHereford Eco Products low waste items