Jamie Oliver is leading a new show for Channel 4 which will attempt to find the next big name in cookbook writing.

The series – which will have seven episodes – will feature home cooks, street food vendors and social media influencers who will be competing for a book deal with Michael Joseph at Penguin Random House.

Oliver will be joint producing the programme with his company Jamie Oliver Productions, alongside Plum Pictures.

The show would see the would-be authors try to convince Oliver, publishers and expert judges that their book concept would turn out as a best-seller.

Oliver, who has developed 25 cookbooks, will mentor the contestants and help develop their skills and passion for food.

The 46-year-old told the PA News Agency: “I have been crafting cookbooks for over 20 years and I know the dedication, skill and intuition it takes to create recipes people want to buy and try at home.

“Breaking into publishing is incredibly difficult – an impossible dream for so many amazing cooks out there – so I am just so excited to get out there and discover incredible new talent, new perspectives and new approaches to cooking and food.

“We know the talent is out there and I’m thrilled to be able to help them fulfil their potential.”

Aspiring authors will be begin the contest by pitching their cookbook concept and signature dishes.

A panel of judges will then reduce the number of contestants, with the remaining ones honing their concepts and cooking further dishes.

This is before the three finalists deliver their final pitches and attempt to “bring their books to life” for the judges.

Clemency Green, commissioning editor for Channel 4, told the PA News Agency: “We are a nation of cookbook enthusiasts and now we’re going to find a new star to enter the market.

“With such a massive prize on offer and so many different styles of cooking in the competition, this is going to be very exciting.”

Tim Hancock, also commissioning editor for Channel 4 and also speaking to the PA News Agency, added: “Who better than to lead the search for the next cookbook star than Jamie Oliver, Britain’s bestselling nonfiction author?

“This series is going to introduce us to a range of amazing new food talent and is guaranteed to make you extremely hungry.”

Samantha Beddoes, executive producer for Jamie Oliver Productions, told the PA News Agency: “This series will champion the talents of cooks from all over the country with a vast array of different experiences and dishes.

“Jamie’s passion and knowledge in coming up with new recipes, and for championing and nurturing people’s skills in the kitchen, means he’s the perfect person to help them through the process.