A MAIN road in Herefordshire will be closed overnight due to safety concerns, Herefordshire Council's contractor has said.

Balfour Beatty Living Places started resurfacing work on the A417 near Leominster today (Tuesday), and the road was meant to be closed from 9am until 5pm.

But due to safety concerns, it said the road, between Hampton Court and the A49 at Dinmore, would remain closed overnight.

UPDATE: Herefordshire main road to stay closed after 'major breakdown' at tarmac plant

Announcing the unscheduled closure, Balfour Beatty said: "Hampton Court towards A49 will remain closed tonight due to safety concerns with raised ironworks after a breakdown at the contractors plant for producing tarmacadam.

"Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause."

In a letter to residents in August, Balfour Beatty's customers services department said the firm works in partnership with Herefordshire Council to "minimise the impact" of work.

"To try and keep disruption to a minimum, we are now able to complete the necessary works on Tuesday, August 31 to (and including) Friday, September 3.

"The road will be closed between 9am and 5pm."

It added the fully signed diversion route, which would also be in force overnight on Tuesday, would be via the A49 to Leominster, the A44 to Bromyard and the A465 to Burley Gate to rejoin the A417, and vice versa.

"Although there may be limited periods of time when access to homes, businesses or other premises will not be possible at all or may be restricted, to ensure your safety and that of workers, we will do everything we can to assist," the letter added.