Wye Valley NHS Trust runs Hereford County Hospital and provides community services for Herefordshire and across its borders into Wales.

Hereford Times:


This includes running the three community hospitals in the market towns as well as holding clinics, caring for people in their own homes and providing a children’s nursing service to county schools.

Our workforce of around 3,500 provides a range of specialist and generalist functions but is probably best known for the wide range of services – inpatient and outpatient – based at Hereford County Hospital.

The range of services we provide covers the A-Z of healthcare – from Audiology to Dermatology, from Gynaecology to Neurology, and from Pathology to Urology with a lot more “…ologies” in between!

During the last 18 months there has been extraordinary pressure on the NHS and our amazing staff have gone the extra mile every day.

While we’re justifiably proud of our caring and compassionate workforce which provides patient-centred care, we also want to pay tribute to individuals, companies and organisations who have shown their appreciation for our staff in so many ways.

You will never know how much this has meant to our staff and how your demonstration of appreciation boosted morale during the height of the pandemic.

The Trust exists to improve the wellbeing, independence and health of the people we serve – this aspiration is at the heart of our values: Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.

In recent years we’ve seen vast improvements in the quality of care we provide which have been acknowledged by the Care Quality Commission, and after around 80 years of faithful service, we’re about to retire our old hutted wards which were built before the Second World War.

A new multi-million pound state-of-the-art ward block is due to open this summer meaning we will be better able to care for our older and frail patients in modern, 21st-century surroundings.